luigi_battistolli“This is the story of a company and its people, a story of more than 50 years working successfully together.

It all started with the foresight and business acumen of my father, Silvio. In 1959, after 38 years of service with Italy’s famed Carabinieri and with a family to provide for, he started his own courier business. Today the Battistolli group has over 2000 people operating through some twenty companies over all Italy, and boasts solid international links with the major security industry players in the rest of the world. Down the years, the companies Battistolli and Rangers each developed their core business, coming together to form the Battistolli Group we know today. Ours is a prime example of a Company that has known how to provide the right service answers in a changing economic world in a sector where trust and integrity have always been, and remain, key.
The Group’s managerial structure has allowed it to develop a broad, streamlined security service offering, ranging from logistics and handling to custodial management of our clients’ cash and valuables. We are fully aware of how essential it is to be at the cutting-edge of technological developments if we are to improve our services and meet changing needs. But we are equally aware that everything starts with having right people and getting their involvement.

Our aim for today and for tomorrow is: improve, grow and innovate.”

Luigi Battistolli
Presidente del Gruppo BattistolliLuigi Battistolli Firma
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