Security Services

I più elevati standards di professionalità offerti alla clientela Privata, Commerciale, ad Aziende e Pubbliche Amministrazioni.

The private surveillance services by the Battistolli Group covers the whole country 24 hours a day every day of the year. They offer the most elevated standards of security to Clients, be they private individuals, or commercial and manufacturer entities.
The essential character of the service focuses on research of the most reliable and highly trained staff and services adapted to the needs of the clients.
The Group’s intent is to research continuously for innovative and avant garde solutions, through the use of the most modern technologies able to contrast in the most efficient and rapid way every possible evolution and instruments used by criminals.
These are the aces of the Battistolli’s Group, the ideal partner for day to day safety. Reliability, strictness and professionalism are the values that have always characterized the Group and still today they concur the Group’s growth and development.


  • Permanent surveillance by security guards stationed at banks, factories, commercial and residential buildings associations, public offices and museums or during public or private events.
  • Patrol guard security for residential or commercial areas backed by swift intervention capability.
  • Security escorts for persons and/or valuables with own or third party vehicles. Pedestrian security escorts.
  • Round-the-clock radio contact between client and operations centre for instant alarm communication.
  • Remote video surveillance of parking lots, entrances, interiors, vault areas, banks, outdoor art installations or monuments, museums/galleries, security exits.
  • Remote monitoring of points of access (opening/closing), event management/registration at indoor venues (cash register opening/closure, burglar alarm and anti-panic break-out systems etc.).
  • Video or guard-controlled shoplifting surveillance in hypermarkets, motorway service stations, shopping malls, depots and department stores.
  • Satellite radio systems in collaboration with SATELICOM to ensure the security of vehicle, occupants and goods transported.
  • A full range of automatic plant and site monitoring systems (temperature, production cycles, water levels etc.) in factories, supermarkets, hydro-geological stations and similar locations to enable smoke and gas-leak detection.
  • ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) certify surveillance of airline freight , passport documents, security surveillance, transport of valuables all by specialist personnel trained in airport security at Milan’s Malpensa, Venice and Treviso’s airport. Our staff is also expert in know-how in sensitive objectives, fire fighting and emergency first aid.
  • Advising/consulting on private investigation and private and business security.
  • Investigative commercial information, brand protection.
  • Reclamation and cleaning of areas and structures needing particular protection or confidentiality.




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