Social Responsabilities and Commitment

Since the beginning the Battistolli Group has always paid attention to the world of sports, and also has developed a series of non–profit events to convey their daily commitment to protection of entrepreneurial entities, but also to convey a constant message of legality, actively participating to better the social cohabitation.
Among the abiding passion of the Battistolli family, the sports arena has received attention and support from all the Companies belonging to the Battistolli Group. The Rangers in fact, a company belonging to the Group, has for several years sponsored the Vicenza Rugby team, that now bears its name. Today the team is one of the primary entities within the Italian Rugby A league.
The Group, has always been aware of its social responsibilities, Battistolli is an active supporter of Acquisti & Sostenibilità, a non profit association promoting and implementing corporate supply-chain sustainability in all market sector.
Again in the social arena they implemented the project called “10 in Safety”, a comic strip with ten simple yet important rules, as told to children to capture their attention in a fun way while protecting them from the dangers they could face. The group’s intent is to communicate the concept of safety to those who are defenseless, children, just beginning their lives, in their most vulnerable state. The comics, sponsored by the Comune of the city of Vicenza, was presented by the Battistolli Group staff together with the Public Safety representatives to more than 40 schools in the areas of Vicenza, Padua and Treviso arousing great interest and attention.

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