The Story of the Battistolli Group

In the mid 1950s, Silvio Battistolli was Italy’s first courier of valuables in Italy. He collected and delivered for goldsmiths and jewellers of the Vicenza area along the Vicenza-Milan route. Much appreciated for his great reliability by an ever-widening customer base, in 1959, Silvio decided to leave the company he worked for and start a business of his own, assisted first by his wife and later by his sons.
By the 1970s Battistolli was a household name for the transport of valuables among the jewellery craftsmen of Vicenza. In 1974, Silvio’s son, Luigi, took up his father’s heritage and established the first one-man business in the sector. At his side worked his wife Loredana and his business partner Giancarlo Marani; with them Luigi led the company through a phase of strategic development. Today he is President of the Group.
The 1980s saw the creation of a transportation network whose further development led the company taking on its first managers. At the same time distribution was decentralised, with agents positioned throughout Italy to provide rapid, far-reaching services and the regular, totally reliable professional transport of valuables.
In 1984, with the creation of Rangers srl, the Group began a new phase of development, adding private security guard and patrol services. In 1986, Battistolli set up Pro.Sy.T to develop in-house the technological systems required to support its service offering. In 1999, the in-house IT development division was completed with the creation of Satelicom, a company specialising in the development and management of a Europe-wide satellite tracking system.
In 2001, Italy’s Central Bank, Banca d’Italia, chose the Battistolli Group as its changeover partner, entrusting the company with 30% of its cash-in-transit requirements throughout Italy. This successful challenge led to the coin management, sorting, consignment or redistribution. This was the start of a new market opening for the company: the banking and retail chain sectors.
B.T.V. SpA, a company belonging to the Battistolli Group, has been market leader in the transport of valuables since 2008. It has also grown its security-related services for private, industrial and commercial customers.
After over 50 years of business activity, the Battistolli’s Group today consist of 20 companies, 2.200 employees and over 30.000 clients. The objective for the future is to pursue the diversification of the areas of intervention, investing in technological innovation and the professionalism of each component.
Today, the core business of Battistolli, which became a Group in 2010, is the transport of valuables, cash management and security guard services.

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